‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’

I remember being a little girl when I first heard the phrase, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, and I didn’t get it. My grandfather (who passed of cancer many years ago, but manages to sneak… Continue reading

Fritata Aleta, easy and delish!

I ran across this recipe in the User-submitted Cookbook from Mark’s Daily Apple and loved it for its ease of making, and the fact that it’s packed with a much needed protein punch in the morning. I always make sure my… Continue reading

Spicy Cocoa Roasted Almonds

A friend sent me this recipe as a great idea for a sweet/salty treat, and suggested they would make nice home-made gifts too, and I have to admit that home-made gifts have that… Continue reading

Today, on The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side is about remembering the importance of laughter in our health (and life) journey. While I fully agree it’s important to have information on your health, and how to heal, I believe that taking a moment to smile (or… Continue reading

Should Paula Deen profit from her diabetes?

A couple days ago I posted about Paula Deen announcing that she was known she has Type 2 Diabetes for over 3 years now, and is just coming forward with this information. While I watched her… Continue reading

Fat dad, fat kids: New research points to fathers’ influence

Interesting study mentioned on The Today Show; yes, it seems I get a lot of my news updates from The Today Show 🙂 That said, I agree with the author and group which… Continue reading

Paula Deen announces she has Type 2 Diabetes

Southern celebrity chef Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show with Al Roker this morning to address rumors that she has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than 3 years ago. While… Continue reading

Join the Gluten-Free Challenge for 2012

I ran across this on one of our fave sites, and thought it was worth sharing.  To good health!

How allergen-free friendly is your town?

Since learning of my gluten sensitivity almost 3 years ago (after more than 15 years of symptoms!), I have been lucky enough to live in 2 amazing cities which are progressive in their… Continue reading