BEATS – Bacon, egg, avocado & tomato salad

This is a quick and easy recipe for a side dish that I love to pair with meats and fish. It’s similar to the old-school wedge salads but doesn’t have all the fatty and high… Continue reading

Paleo Jambalaya

This recipe was sent to me from a friend (thanks Kristy!) who said it was delish and easy to make. We’ll be testing it this weekend, but wanted to share in anticipation so I can… Continue reading

Carrot, kale, apple and ginger protein smoothie

I know many people who have a hard time eating breakfast in the morning, and though I’ve never ben one of those people, I understand why it’s hard to imagine eating a full meal first… Continue reading

Pollo al mattone: Chicken under a brick

Some dinner inspiration, thanks to Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York. It requires a bit of prepping as it  calls for soaking the chicken overnight, but as one of my favorite dishes, I… Continue reading

Apple, carrot & ginger juice

Thanks to a recent gift from my parents, the fam and I are enjoying some delicious fresh juice on our new Jack LaLanne juicer.  Jack Lalanne was known for his incredible health and endurance and was… Continue reading

Do you believe?

Today while browsing Facebook I ran across a post from an old friend/colleague and it made me think about how my life has changed over the last couple of years. As I saw… Continue reading

Paleo Smoothie of the day

This is a fave smoothie of mine that helps ward off inflammation and gives a good boost of energy in the morning. For some it’s an acquired taste but I love it; if you find… Continue reading

Is gluten-free a healthier option?

Is a gluten-free diet a healthier diet? Thats a question I get asked often, and one that I see debated over and over online. Turns out it totally depends on who you ask. For example, if… Continue reading

Will the Girl Scouts offer a Gluten-free option?

Not without your help! There’s a petition circulating online to help rise awareness of the need for allergen-free friendly items, and I know as a former girl scout myself that not tasting those delectable thin… Continue reading