Paleo ‘Pancakes’

For those of us following the Paleo or Primal Blueprint diets, pancakes are a thing of the past. At least, that’s what I thought until I ran across this recipe on Mark’s Daily… Continue reading

Home-made gluten free fruit rollups

Ahh, the juicy, sticky, chewy goodness of fruit rollups brings back memories of  childhood –  twisting and pulling it from my teeth after making all sorts of weird shapes with it. Now that I… Continue reading

Paleo bacon asparagus egg soldiers

Sometimes it’s hard to keep things interesting at breakfast when you’re on a gluten-free and paleo diet. I’ve read of some great paleo options that aren’t gluten-free so I can’t try them, so… Continue reading

‘Pink Slime’ makes it way to a store (and school) near you

What is Pink Slime? “Pink Slime” is the term for a ground-up amalgam of beef scraps, cow connective tissues, and other beef trimmings, once useful only for dog food and cooking oil, that… Continue reading

Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids

This week I was attending a trade show, and as I often do when I attend shows, I came prepared with snacks assuming I might not be so lucky as to find something… Continue reading

The power of food

Those who know me have heard me say many times over the last couple of years how powerful nutrition is. That’s for a simple fact; changing my diet changed my life. Yes, I… Continue reading

Paleo curried shrimp and spinach

I ran across this recipe today and it sounded so good that I made it for dinner tonight; it was a hit with both myself and my son (yay!) I added some mushrooms… Continue reading

Steve’s Original Paleokit

I haven’t posted in a while; been busy with my son’s sports schedule, work and life in general, but I ran across this today and wanted to share it! For those of you… Continue reading

Gluten-free Chicken Tenders

These tasty gluten and grain free chicken tenders came from a recipe I found on Marksdailyapple and are super easy to make. They’re a great alternative for kids, and perfect to use atop… Continue reading