Why gluten, dairy and grain free?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I’m Jen, and when I was 34 I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, and a year later realized I was also reacting to various other grains. I am now on a gluten free, grain free and dairy free diet. I find that when I do cheat, I suffer for it, so I tend to be pretty strict about it. In addition to the food allergies, I developed various other immune disorders, such as nutrient deficiencies, adrenal exhaustion/fatigue and Autoimmune Thyroiditis (aka Hashimotos Disease), and endured bloating, headaches, weight gain, incredible fatigue and I was unable to concentrate and found myself reading the same page of a book over and over again without realizing (or knowing what I had read).  I found my colleagues were losing faith in my abilities at work, and I felt judged by several friends and family members. Fortunately I surrounded myself with those that were positive, and willing to help me though my journey, regardless of the path I chose.  My loving and supportive husband and my adoring son, close friends and immediate family helped me to better understand what I was dealing with, and didn’t judge when I chose the route of naturopathic doctors and supplements, dietitians, acupuncture, etc. They willed me to get better and wished only for my health and happiness.  I pray you are as lucky as I am, or if you’re one of those loving supporters, I thank you for taking the time to research what your loved one is enduring, and for helping them to heal!

Inspired Eats is structured to help those of you who have similar allergies (or know someone who does) navigate your way through all the many sites and resources available online. After several years of feeling overwhelmed with all the options, I decided to start this blog. I hope you find it helpful!

I’ve always lived my life as a bit of an open book, so to keep things consistent, here I am 🙂

This is me, with my son. He also has a gluten sensitivities, so I know the trials of raising a gluten free child! There are so many wonderfully delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional wheat and flour products, and if you follow the concept of “whole living” you will provide an invaluable lesson for your little ones, while ensuring a lifetime of healthy eating habits!

My mission is to unite all of the wonderful  allergy-free resources I have found online in a quest to learn more about what it means to live gluten-free, grain free, dairy free, etc. Whether it’s the Primal Blueprint, Paleo diet, or a Gluten free diet that you’re considering, there are many resources online and it can be overwhelming to navigate them all. So, the idea for Wellness Dish was born!

I’ll link you to some of the most informative sites relating to the health benefits of removing gluten, grains and/or dairy from your diet.  For those with Celiac disease, who are gluten sensitive or those who simply chose to do so for the various health benefits associated with removing it from your diet, as well as those of you who are lactose intolerant and/or suffer from grain intolerance, I will showcase blogs with some of the best recipes I’ve run across, and shops that sell gluten and dairy free products. In addition to gluten,I’m hearing   more and more cases of people who have found relief when eliminating all grains from their diet, so I will help explore how to eat a healthy, completely grain-free diet.

Lastly, some of you have found that you are lactose intolerant, or perhaps while not fully intolerant, you are more comfortable (and have less reactions) when you remove cow’s dairy from your diet.  For each of you, there are tons of sites to navigate and it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of them all! This site is set up to help you by pulling key points (or snippets) from the various sites, summary reviews, and data feeds of recipes, health news, updates on trends, etc.

I’m hoping to build a community; a community of like-minded people who are finding their way through an allergen-free lifestyle. Some of us have children that are allergic/sensitive, some have just recently been diagnosed ourselves, and others are well versed (some even experts) in the field of nutrition, health and supplemental benefits relating to a gluten, dairy or grain free life. I welcome your comments, and invite you to join our allergen-free community.

And remember, with patience, discipline and as little help from the wonderful resources featured here, you  will learn how to live an easy, happy and allergen-free life!

In good health,