Gettin’ back to the blog

I’ve taken some time off form posting here and was focused on my other passion, my site devoted to living free of food allergies ( Since this is such a huge part of our lives, the site naturally has taken on a life of its own, but I hate to think that was at the expense of our family site. So, I’m back, and hopefully better than ever 🙂 

I have the framework of the site set up, so I just need to add content to the blank pages, and I’ll be including updates from Teag’s school years, pics from his sports, and will update with pics and post much more regularly that I had been. 

I also made the site public again so everyone can see it, since some family members had issues with password function. Sorry Gram – gotta share our lives, and need to make sure you can all see them! 🙂Image

Love to all,