Where can I buy this T?

medicine vs health


I saw this circulating on Facebook today and had to share it 🙂 Reading through the comments on the shared thread, I noticed that most people who bothered to comment agreed with the sentiment here; pharmaceuticals are a vicious cycle, and if you bother to read the potential side effects, they can be pretty scary! Unfortunately, most drugs cause a side effect that is often ‘managed’ by another drug, so before you know it you’re popping pills like Pez.

Sadly, for most of us, by the time we walk into a doctor’s office with symptoms, the issue at hand has been brewing for some time, and most often you just want the symptoms to go away so you can feel better. So the doctor writes a prescription for something to stave off the symptoms and you happily go home with a sense of relief that you will start feeling better. I know because I speak from experience.

The reality?

You start a powerful spiral of side effects that cause you to seek a new specialist to deal with the new set of symptoms which pop up thanks to the pills you just started taking. And much like trying to stop a gushing wound with a small bandaid, its a useless battle that you won’t win until the wound heals. And therein lies a very simple concept – do you want to quiet your symptoms or heal the cause?

Curious for comments – post below and share your thoughts on why it’s challenging to focus on healing the causes, and if you can still do so while taking meds to quiet the symptoms. Thanks!