Dishes on Tim Tebow & Goals

Inspired by the story I just read in Sports Illustrated about the huge improvements Tim Tebow is making in a short period of time, I was struck by a line in the article related to the fact that the first 3 quarters of the game with Tebow in tend to be a bit “ugly” by NFL standards, but in the end, he finds a way to pull through and grab his victory. And I thought, isn’t that what life is about? Wading through the ugly to get to the glory at the end?

Whatever that “glory” is for each of you, the idea is that there is some goal that we all should set.  I have encouraged you in the last few posts to set a goal for yourself, and to strive for that goal at whichever pace is more comfortable for you. I’ve encouraged you to get out and get moving, and to keep a log of the changes you notice in yourself. I’ve also told you that the more ready and willing you are to dive into this new way of eating, the better you’ll feel, and the faster the improvements will come.

I know first-hand that the balance in sugar and glucose levels which will occur when you remove grains and gluten from your diet will help curb your appetite and bring with it increased energy levels and a leaner body. You will notice less bloating and fatigue, and generally “feel better”.

So, whether you start to this journey has been more like Tim Tebow’s “ugly” start, is less relevant as is the choice you make now to finish strong!

Set your goal, set your sights on that goal, and take it a day at a time. You will make it!